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Release Notes


Comparing version 2.0.x with version 1.9.0:

New features

  • Factors can be voted on (see Setting, Network, Show Reactions).
  • Data from Excel spreadsheets can be imported and the data in maps can be exported to Excel.
  • Notes attached to factors and links can now be edited in a separate window, which can be much larger than the exsiting Notes panel and offers a wider range of editing commands.
  • Right clicking on a user's avatar (the initials in a circle at the top left of the map) selects all the factors and links that that user has created or modified.
  • Networks in DOT or GV formatted files can be imported.
  • The log of a map's history can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into awordprocessor or spreadsheet.
  • It is possible to run PRSM within an intranet, with no access needed to the wider internet, for use cases requiring the highest level of security.


  • The User Manual has been completely re-implemented and is now much easier to use.
  • The drawing layer behind the map now uses 'objects' which can be moved, resized, modified and deleted. The logic for the drawing layer was completely re-implemented.
  • PRSM supports many more simulataneous users working together at the same time (at least 25), because of an improved way of handling updates to users' cursors.
  • .prsm files,the native format for saving PRSM maps, are now compressed and much smaller than previously. Older files can still be read.
  • Cloning maps is much faster.
  • Users can use trackpads on laptops instead of a mouse.
  • The Styles palette now offers more shapes for factors (ellipse, diamond,star, triangle, hexagon).
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added for Delete, Undo, and Redo.

Resolved issues

  • Numerous optimisations and bug fixes.
  • Some minor changes to the appearance of the interface to make PRSM easier and more intuitive to use.